Colordriver 18V are now in production !!


We are now in production, please order now !

We will being shipping Sept 15th so we can build for 10 days and get AHEAD of the curve.

A hand-made recreation of the famous Colorsound Power Booster and Overdriver used by the likes of Jeff Beck and David Gilmour among the few. This is the early version which is referred to as the 18 Volt version that came in Orange or Grey. The standard color for this will be the Grey but you can get other colors as well. The unique thing about this pedal is that it will run on negative tip 9V DC standard power, but get doubled inside so you do not have to get a 18V power supply.

What is the difference between this and the orange Colordriver ? Well the 18V will give it a tad more headroom and transparency, plus this version used different transistors so the tone will be a bit different. Will have videos shortly.