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Pink Floyd - Dark Side of the Moon


Tru-Fi Pedals = @PinkFloyd - Dark Side of the Moon was released March 10th 1973, and is hailed by critics, fans, and guitar players as one of the finest records ever produced. Hail to the Floyd, Hail to David Gilmour. Mr Gilmour know as a Colorsound Power Boost aka Tru-Fi Colordriver and also a EH Big Muff hence the Tru-Fi Floyd Fuzz. you can say that he has been a HUGE influence on myself and Tru-Fi - Get the Floyd Fuzz !! 


Floyd Fuzz IN PRODUCTION ! - We are getting back to producing all the Fuzz Models again, after That Pedal Show madness. Batch of Floyd Fuzz's as you can see in the picture are about to ship a batch of Floyd Fuzz's in the RAM version. Our first customer's ordered them in Russian Green as [...]

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