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Floyd Fuzz IN PRODUCTION ! - We are getting back to producing all the Fuzz Models again, after That Pedal Show madness. Batch of Floyd Fuzz's as you can see in the picture are about to ship a batch of Floyd Fuzz's in the RAM version. Our first customer's ordered them in Russian Green as you can, and something different. The RAM Model was actually on That Pedal Show also and they seemed to like a lot. Electro Harmonix RAM Muff is the basis that pedal 

Fuzz Face Ad from 1966

Fuzz Face Ad from 1966 - Lets go retro for a second, this is an framed ad I have hanging over the bench of an ad to musical retailers in a magazine in 1966 called Music Trades. You can see they are pushing you to sell the customer a guitar and then sock them with [...]

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