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How Big Is a Tru-Fi Pedal ?


Tru-Fi Pedals : For people who have never seen a Tru-Fi pedal they wonder well HOW BIG IS IT ? Well @ottomeister posted this picture and it shows it next to a standard Boss pedal which everyone known's and you can see they are very similar in size. Not much bigger and very pedalboard friendly, I designed it to be cool, vintage, and cool. The Fuzz Life 

Clean or Overdriven Amp ?

Tru-Fi Pedals : Though Fuzz Pedals want to played into a slightly overdriven amp to get a stacked tone result there are NO RULES ! Tone Talk today is just that do you play your Fuzz into a straight clean amp or one that is slightly overdriven ! Discuss Below and GET THE FUZZ OUT [...]

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