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Tru-Fi Floyd Fuzz on That Pedal Show !


Tru-Fi Floyd Fuzz on That Pedal Show ! - We have been lucky enough to get on That Pedal Show again. This time the boys put the Floyd Fuzz thru the paces and really loved it. If you push to min 21 you can get a real good idea of the Floyd. Built on RAM Version of the Big Muff endless sustain and gain AWESOME !! 

‚ÄčTru-Fi Makes It To That Pedal Show

Tru-Fi Makes it to That Pedal Show - We can not believe Tru-Fi Colordriver made it to "That Pedal Show" it showed up on their instagram page today ! Click To Go Just can not believe it, they are doing a show on Colorsound Overdriver's, do not know if they liked it but honored. They [...]

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