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Custom Tru-Fi Floyd Fuzz


Tru-Fi Pedals - well we are always making custom, this is Russian Army Green with black knobs, BUT with a RAM Muff Head circuit - COOL ! So it look's 80s but it is actually 70s tone in and out. Floyd Fuzz after David Gilmour of Pink Floyd an avid EH Big Muff user throughout his career. Like everything we do, you get 4 options of tone and version. 

Tru-Fi Colordriver in Chrome

How Bad Ass is this one !! Tru-Fi been on a Colordriver build binge lately but this one was ordered in polished aluminum chrome finish and it is just killer. It shipped to Japen today but will gladly built you another one we have tons ready to ship with 24 hours ! It's a take [...]

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