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American Muscle and American Fuzz


Tru-Fi Pedals - American Muscle and American Fuzz trying to represent my two passions in one shot ! I love muscle cars, anything from 1966 till 1974 which was the last real year of American Muscle in it's heyday. Yes it went retro in the 90s till today, but the real wave was in this time period. As well as guitar fuzz boxs, 1965 till the present, and Tru-Fi is proud to be a part of it today ! Hey we are building like crazy, THANK YOU FOR ORDERING !! Get Some Fuzz !!!

Psychedelic Colordriver Fuzz Pedal

Tru-Fi Pedal : Great Psychedelic photo of a #Colordriver taken by a customer. The shot has a lot of the Fuzz message in it, be creative, be wild, just play ! Get Some Fuzz today ! If you want just a great guitar pedal that does a multiple of thing, the Colordriver can boost and [...]

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