Both of these units where actually stole or reproduced without permission from the original production by GP Electronics of  The Harmonic Generator was reportedly conceived in around 1964, after somebody referred Gerry Pope to an “American recording” of a fuzz sound. This places G. P.’s fuzz box amongst the very earliest offerings in the UK. Independent, strong anecdotal evidence confirms that the model was already available to the general public by around late 1965/early 1966

Elka Dizzy Tone: As mentioned earlier, the Elka Dizzy Tone is a vintage fuzz pedal produced by the Italian company Elka 1967-68 . It's known for its distinctive fuzzy, distorted sound.

Buzzaround: The Buzzaround is another vintage fuzz pedal, produced by Burns Baldwin in the 1960s. starting in 1965 It's renowned for its gritty, aggressive tone and was popularized by guitarists like Robert Fripp of King Crimson.

Nevertheless, guitarists and pedal enthusiasts often experiment with combining different pedals in their setups to create unique tones, so it's not uncommon for players to seek out combinations that emulate the sounds of iconic vintage pedals like the Elka Dizzy Tone and the Buzzaround. It is reproduced by Tru-Fi as the Dizzy Buzz