The Colorsound Overdriver is a vintage guitar overdrive pedal that gained popularity for its unique tone and has become a sought-after piece of gear - check Tru-Fi Colordriver and Colordriver 18V. Here's a brief history of the Colorsound Overdriver:

Creation (1971): The Colorsound Overdriver was created by Sola Sound, a British company, around 1971. Sola Sound was known for producing a variety of effects pedals during that era.

Design: The Overdriver was designed by Gary Stewart, who later founded Colorsound. The pedal featured a distinctive bright orange enclosure, earning it the nickname "Orange Overdriver." It was designed to provide a warm and creamy overdrive, often described as "woolly" or "fuzzy."

Tone and Circuitry: The Colorsound Overdriver had a unique circuitry that contributed to its characteristic sound. It produced a smooth overdrive with a thick and sustaining quality, making it popular among guitarists looking for a different flavor of overdrive compared to other pedals of its time.

Usage and Influence: The Colorsound Overdriver gained popularity in the 1970s and was used by various guitarists of that era. Its warm and saturated overdrive tone made it suitable for a range of musical genres, from blues to rock.

Variations: Over the years, there have been different variations and reissues of the Colorsound Overdriver. Some versions featured slight modifications to the circuit or enclosure design. Collectors often seek out the original units for their vintage tone and historical significance.

Colorsound Brand: Colorsound, the company founded by Gary Stewart, produced a variety of effects pedals beyond the Overdriver. The brand became known for its unique designs and tonal characteristics.

Legacy and Collectibility: The Colorsound Overdriver has left a lasting legacy and is considered a classic vintage pedal. Its unique sound, distinctive appearance, and historical significance contribute to its collectibility. Vintage units are sought after by guitar enthusiasts and collectors.

Reissues and Clones: Due to the popularity of the original Colorsound Overdriver, there have been reissues and clones produced by various companies. These modern versions aim to capture the essence of the vintage pedal for contemporary players.

In summary, the Colorsound Overdriver, created in the early 1970s, has become a classic and collectible piece of guitar gear. Its unique overdrive tone and distinctive design have left an enduring impact on the world of guitar effects.