The Colorsound Power Boost is a classic vintage guitar effects pedal known for its distinctive overdrive and boosting capabilities. Here's a brief history of the Colorsound Power Boost:

Creation (1969): The Colorsound Power Boost was introduced in 1969 by Sola Sound, a British company known for its effects pedals. Sola Sound was founded by Gary Hurst, who had previously designed the Tone Bender, another influential fuzz pedal.

Design: The Power Boost was designed to be a clean, high-headroom booster. It was created to push the front end of guitar amplifiers, providing a natural overdrive and enhancing the overall tone. The pedal featured a simple design with Volume, Tone, and Sustain (gain) controls.

Tone Characteristics: The Power Boost is known for its ability to add warmth, clarity, and sustain to a guitar's signal without heavily distorting it. It became popular among guitarists looking for a transparent boost that retained the natural characteristics of their guitar and amp.

Pink Floyd Connection: One of the notable endorsements of the Colorsound Power Boost came from David Gilmour of Pink Floyd. Gilmour used the Power Boost extensively during the 1970s, contributing to its popularity and association with his iconic guitar tones.

Variations: The Power Boost underwent some variations and reissues over the years. The original units had a distinctive orange enclosure, but later versions came in different colors. Some variations featured slight modifications to the circuitry or controls.

Legacy and Influence: The Colorsound Power Boost has left a lasting impact on the world of guitar effects. Its transparent boosting capabilities and association with influential guitarists have contributed to its legacy. The pedal's influence can be heard in various genres of music.

Collectibility: Vintage Colorsound Power Boost pedals are sought after by collectors and enthusiasts. The association with David Gilmour and the pedal's historical significance contribute to its collectible status.

Reissues and Clones: Due to the popularity of the original Colorsound Power Boost, there have been reissues and clones produced by various manufacturers. These reissues aim to capture the essence of the vintage pedal for contemporary players. CHECK our most popular pedal the Colordriver 9V

In summary, the Colorsound Power Boost, introduced in 1969, is a classic and influential guitar effects pedal known for its transparent boosting capabilities. Its association with David Gilmour and its historical significance make it a sought-after piece of vintage gear.