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The Acrobatics of Pete Townshend


Tru-Fi Pedals : Let's reflect on when @pete_townshend was a young man and could sky like Lebron ! My favorite is the inverted Y jump, 4 feet off the ground, crazy energy and power. It is his Super Fuzz that is giving him the power to leap tall buildings, #showman, #artist, #musician #guitarsmasher @officialthewho - Hey Get The Fuzz Out Shipping Now 

​Frank Zappa Shut Up'N Play Yer Guitar

Frank Zappa Shut Up'N Play Yer Guitar - one of the most influential albums of in my young mind. You mean you can just make instrumentals ? Read up on this album of how it was made makes it even MORE brilliant, cut up live performance's to solo over AWESOME. The tones and the textures [...]

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