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Tru-Fi, Gibson and Slovakia


Tru-Fi, Gibson and Slovakia : Our Friend Miro a VERY early Tru-Fi customer and supporter sent a picture of his Goldtop and Zoso Fuzz. He has always been very excited about his gear, Tru-Fi, and he just keeps me pumped ! In the modern world, it is incredible you get to become connect to someone in Slovakia from the Maine USA. Miro THANK YOU! Get the Fuzz out !! 

Tru-Fi Zoso Fuzz Guitar Pedal

Tru-Fi Pedals : We did a batch of Zoso Fuzz's this week with real Mullard vintage black OC75s, here is a pix on top of a #Vox Phatom 12 string in stereo which you can pan 3 strings right 3 strings left VERY #aheadofitstime. Get the Fuzz out - THANK YOU for your orders - 

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