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​Define Fuzz Guitar Tone ?


Define Fuzz Guitar Tone ?

Fuzz : noun : a distorted sound from an electric musical instrument, especially a guitar, produced by means of an electronic device.

Interesting ! Fuzz let's be honest is guitar tone that appears 1961 to 1964 depending on what book you read and literally changed the world. There where session players who got work just because they owned a fuzz pedal AKA: Jimmy Page who legend has it played the lead in "My Generation" by the Who because he had a Fuzz Tone. Till this time all guitar tone's where very clean and jazzy. Buddy Holly, Early Beatles, Elvis all have jangle happy clean guitar tone, but the time's where changing and people where pissed off. AGGRESSIVE TONE ALERT !

The early to mid 60s bring us the start of Fuzz Guitar Pedal design with Vox Tonebenders, Fuzz Faces, Maestro Fuzz, Colorsound, Solo, Marshall Supa Fuzz and many more clones of these pedals. The players of the time jumped on them and you can hear it in all the pop, rock and underground music of the day and really for the next 50 years. This aggressive full buzzy fuzzy sound change guitar tone from that day foward. 


FUZZ FUZZ FUZZ - What is a Fuzz guitar pedal really ? Well it's a very simple circuit, that includes maybe 25 to 30 components. A group of vintage transistors, that are pushed that will make them clip, overdrive, buss, distorted and give you that aggressive guitar tone that started in the mid 1960s. You [...]

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What is Fuzz ?

What is Fuzz ? - reprint from Gibson GuitarsThe oldest and most dearest guitar pedal tone is the Fuzz pedal, it was the perfect sound for the times and has endurred tone for over 50 years. Other than the old cranked amp or faulty preamp channel, these are the grandaddies of distortion devices. Fuzzes were also [...]

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Top 10 Great Fuzz Songs

Top 10 Great Fuzz Songs - Here is a list of 10 great fuzz songs and the Fuzz pedal that is thought to have been used on the recording. In the 60s with the invention of the Fuzz pedal it was all over pop rock hits as listed below. Be it the Big Muff, the [...]

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Zosa and Supa Fuzz Bakelite Board Release

Zosa and Supa Fuzz Bakelite Board Release - in about a week Tru-Fi will be releasing Zosa and Supa Fuzz's in special limited bakelite board models. True to the original version of these wonderful Fuzz pedals in the 1960s when they had bakelite circuit boards. This makes the Fuzz's so closer to original fuzz and [...]

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