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Tru-Fi Pedal Colordriver 9V version Fuzz Overdrive Guitar Pedal

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    As seen on "That Pedal Show" from the UK  TWICE !!!! - THANK YOU !  


    CLICK TO WATCH EPISODE 2 (5/3/19) at the 59 min mark

    IMMEDIATE shipping any color besides Swirl ! 

    A hand-made recreation of the famous Colorsound Power Booster and Overdriver used by the likes of Jeff Beck and David Gilmour among the few. We chose to create these as the 9V version as we now live in the power supply world and make life easy for most. We also chose to make these in the later "orange" color as they just look cooler, the brown tone was a tad boring. But you can pick other colors if you so choose ! 

    These are just killer reproductions, in a enclosure that is half the size but while unique it still hints of the original. Inside the unit you will find correct "real" BC109 transistors that just gives it the genuine sound. The beauty of these pedals is the volume pot on the side so you can really push your amp, this gives it the shine of a driven amp mixed with the thick fuzz overdrive tone you want. 

    These pedals are tone machines, always try to use an amp that has some mild grit, the addition of fuzz at that point is the secret to tone. 

    Of course, the Tru-Fi Colordriver Fuzz/Boost is true bypass, sports LED, and manual !

    Made in the USA!

    NOTE: Swirl Picture OUT STOCK TILL SEPT - Each one is UNIQUE will slightly different than picture ! 

    NOTE: Swirl Finish and Chrome/Polished Aluminum are $20 extra - Candy Apple Red and Anti-Freeze Green are no extra charge for now !  

    Specs :

    • 100% Handmade
    • True Bypass
    • Comes in Orange, like original or options
    • 4 vintage BC109 transistors  
    • Gain, Treble and Bass controls 
    • Side Volume Control just like the original
    • Internal 9V battery clip
    • Takes a Negative Tip 9V DC power Supply
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    1. Bad Ass!!

      Bad Ass!! on Jul 26th 2019

    2. A fantastic recreation of a great pedal

      I am really impressed by the sound quality of this pedal. It is a great flavor I didn't have in my already large fuzz and overdrive pedal arsenal and its sound takes it apart from other so - called vintage pedal boutique recreation. It is difficult to stop playing with this pedal once you begun. There is also a great attention to every detail and the build quality is impressive.Even the carrying wooden case is a jewel in itself.

      I will certainly have a look at other Tru-Fi products given the quality of this one...
      on Jul 11th 2019

    3. Colordriver

      Ok I received my colordriver last night and played it for about 4 hours which is only a short time but I have to say it is a great pedal. There are so many great tones in that orange box of dirt and it plays so well with other pedals as well as amps. Through my Supro Black Magik reverb with a little delay and a Les Paul it's like a little slice of heaven. Then slap it in front of an OCD or a Friedman Dirty Shirley overdrive and it's a tone hunters dream. Absolutely Amazing pedal!!! I can't wait to try the ZOSO fuzz.... on Jul 9th 2019

    4. Best overdrive pedal ever.

      Color Driver is just awesome. So much I bought a second one. Just opens up the amp in a very nice way. I like One barely on (Candy apple red) and the other ( Chrome ) set for heavy gain. Thanks for this great pedal on Jul 8th 2019

    5. It's really that good!

      Touch sensitivity, great clean boost, overdrive and crunch, delicious fuzz with chord clarity and tone control. The Colordriver knocks it out of the park for the price. Turn down the gain and use it after a fuzz for clarity or let it do all the work itself. This pedal just works. on Jun 28th 2019

    6. What a useful pedal

      I watch a few videos featured on the YouTube channel "That Pedal Show" The tone is true on those. The pedal is great by itself of boosting another. Great communication throughout the order process. I was able to contact via phone and email without a hitch. If you are on the fence about this one, just buy it. You will not be sorry! on Jun 17th 2019

    7. amazing fuzz on full blast

      I feel like this pedal makes it easy to achieve a Gary Clark jr. Tone with the drive turned all the way up. I'm using humbuckers through a tone King and I find that there's not enough umph with the drive turns down. Don't get me wrong, I love this pedal. However, in my experience it's a fuzz not an Overdrive.

      Gorgeous, super solid Construction.
      on Jun 11th 2019

    8. Great Great Great!

      I've been searching for a long time for an overdrive / fuzz box as good as this one - you guys knocked it out of the park! on Apr 25th 2019

    9. nice n loud just like the original color boost.

      Haven't experimented yet with my fender guitar n amp yet but sounds Awsome in my less Paul n marshall.
      Loud colorful and orange. I love it. Great booster as well.
      Getting close to the gilmour sound now. Thank you tru fi.
      Awsome price also.
      on Apr 18th 2019

    10. This pedal is insane.

      What a sound. A perfect clone of the original.

      Clean boost to tremendous fuzz distortions. Put it after the Big Muff and reach to the sky. Amazing truly amazing pedal...
      on Apr 12th 2019

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    Tru-Fi COLORDRIVER Fuzz - Demo by Alberto Barrero

    Video & Song Produced by Alberto Barrero / 2018 © (CONTACT: - About the Product: "A hand-made recreation of the famous Colorsound Power Booster and Overdriver used by the likes of Jeff Beck and David Gilmour among the few..." - Info: - About Me: THANKS FOR WATCHING !!
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