Tru-Fi Pedals Colordriver guitar pedal comparied in size to a Boss Pedal

Tru-Fi Colordriver 9V version Fuzz Overdrive Guitar Pedal

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    Update 12/1/2020 IMMEDIATE shipping any color besides Swirl ! 

    We got a huge push from the Tyler Bryant Video on Instagram CLICK HERE - But I am still on course !

    Order NOW !  

    As seen on "That Pedal Show" from the UK  TWICE !!!! - THANK YOU !  

    GREAT Video below that compares the 18V and 9V ! 

    The original Colorsound Overdriver was release in 1971 and ran on 9V to replace the Power Boost that ran on 18 volts. This was to tame the Power Booster as before the master volume mod the pedal was TOO LOUD at 18V so the 9V version was released.  It was very popular and was used by such guitar superstars as David Gilmour of Pink Floyd, Jeff Beck, and T-rex Marc Bolan. The pedal was known for it's powerful overdrive but also it's incredible boost factor. If used directly after the guitar it could be used in a host of ways to pushing fuzz pedals, boosting signal or just balls out rocking.

    Tru-Fi has now produced a hand-made recreation of the famous Colorsound 9 Volt Overdriver used by the likes of Jeff Beck and David Gilmour among the few. They run on a 9V battery or a negative tip power supply. We have produced the 9V Colordriver Overdriver to a true Power Boost replica down to the correct BC109 Transistors. You want killer Beck type overdrive crank the gain and push the master volume a ting over unity and watch your guitar tone explode. You want to push your amp for a fuller tone but still pretty clean, back the gain way off, and push the master all the way BOOM. You want to push a Big Muff for a David Gilmour transparent solo tone, push the master volume up in the Muff.  

    These are just killer reproductions, in a enclosure that is half the size (Ting bigger than a Boss Pedal) but while unique it still hints of the original. Inside the unit you will find correct "real" BC109 transistors that just gives it the genuine sound. The beauty of these pedals is the volume pot on the side so you can really push your amp, this gives it the shine of a driven amp mixed with the thick fuzz overdrive tone you want. 

    These pedals are tone machines, always try to use an amp that has some mild grit, the addition of fuzz at that point is the secret to tone. 

    Of course, the Tru-Fi Colordriver Fuzz/Boost is true bypass, sports LED, and manual !

    Made in the USA!

    NOTE: Swirl Picture OUT STOCK TILL Dec - Each one is UNIQUE will slightly different than picture ! 

    NOTE: Swirl Finish and Chrome/Polished Aluminum are $20 extra - Candy Apple Red and Anti-Freeze Green are no extra charge for now !  

    Specs :

    • 100% Handmade
    • True Bypass
    • Comes in Orange, like original or options
    • 4 vintage BC109 transistors  
    • Gain, Treble and Bass controls 
    • Side Volume Control just like the original
    • Internal 9V battery clip
    • Takes a Negative Tip 9V DC power Supply


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    1. buy this now - you won’t regret it

      As soon as I saw Tyler Bryant bust out this bad boy, i knew i had to get it. Built like a tank, absolutely noiseless and just super cool in general. My go to gain pedal 100% now and it plays so well with the rest of my board. Just ordered a second as a gift for a friend. on Dec 1st 2020

    2. Spot on vintage tones!

      My new favorite overdrive/fuzz pedal. This thing goes from a wall of articulate fuzz to cruchy overdriven tones with the turn of your guitar’s volume knob. Now I know how David Gilmour and Jeff Beck felt back in ‘73! Simply incredible. on Nov 23rd 2020

    3. Absolutely Amazing

      If you are looking for something different from your typical TS and K style pedals, this is it. I find it has worked best at the front of the chain for me! on Nov 4th 2020

    4. Classic vibes

      Fantastic pedal! Really captures those clean David Gilmour tones when used as a boost on Sep 8th 2020

    5. Awesome

      Awesome pedal. Powerful and yet it cleans up really nice. It actually provides you fuzz, overdrive and treble boost all 8n one pedal. Built like a tank.
      on Aug 27th 2020

    6. my new Colordriver 9V

      My brandnew Colordriver (9V) has just safely made it's way all the way from the Tru-Fi HQ in Maine to my home in Frankfurt/Germany.
      Ordering directly from the Tru-Fi homepage and Transportation all went fine.
      First impression: it's a real beauty of a pedal in it's vintage looking housing. Rocksolid and exceptionally well crafted. Same for all switches and knobs. It just feals great right out of the box.
      And plugging it in for the first time it has just blown me away. Sound is just stellar imo, no matter which setting you use This already makes it very exceptional in usability. Also it has exceptionally low noise level esp considering that there is quite a bit of gain in this box if you dial it in and additionally the volume knob on the side works just perfect so that this pedal works exceptionally well at all volumes. Drive sound is fantastic but it works perfect also as boost when you turn down the drive knob.
      What a great pedal - this thing really rocks!!
      For me a clear 5/5 - Couldn't be more happy with it !!! :)
      on Aug 14th 2020

    7. Just like I remember the original

      A new improved stomp box that has nailed the original sound with a lot more versatility on your tone. Very seldom does a reissue fulfill it's promises---This Does!!!! on Jul 2nd 2020

    8. Colordriven

      Just a killer dirt pedal, one of the best I've ever played (and there've been a few). It sounds amazing on its own but what really blows me away is how well it stacks with other gain pedals. At the moment I set it and a Matamp GT on the bassy side and put a treble booster in the front. Effin' divine. But there are so many other applications. And I've only had it about a week! on Jul 2nd 2020

    9. Well...

      What an amazing pedal. From the packaging to the sound, unbelievable! Exactly what I wanted, thank you so much. on Mar 8th 2020

    10. super versatal

      most versatal drive/fuzz pedal I ever heard. goes from a just pushing the amp to overdrive to a great thick fuzz with out needing to turn the pedal way up and then cut with guitar volume on Nov 22nd 2019

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    Tru-Fi COLORDRIVER Fuzz - Demo by Alberto Barrero

    Video & Song Produced by Alberto Barrero / 2018 © (CONTACT: - About the Product: "A hand-made recreation of the famous Colorsound Power Booster and Overdriver used by the likes of Jeff Beck and David Gilmour among the few..." - Info: - About Me: THANKS FOR WATCHING !!
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