Octavia Near Release !

Tru-Fi Pedals : Octavia Fuzz set to come out next week, here is a proto-type faceplate. I couldn't come up with any other name for a Octavia, someone said Purple Haze Fuzz that's too direct, and most people will not know it is a Tyco Braie Octavia type pedal - with a switch to turn octave off. I looked up as much as I could no one owns the word Octavia. I spent a lot of time on this again, getting proper transformer and transistors. and making it negative tip 9 powered. It is a is a negative power circuit if you swap that around it reallllllly doesnt sound right. It must ! Please comment below THANK YOU ALL !! The Fuzz Life www.tru-fi.com #tru_fi_pedals #fuzzbox #fuzzboxs #guitarpedals #guitarporn #guitarplayer #guitar #guitarpedals #octavia #stompboxes #pedalporn