Tru-Fi Releases The Spider Fuzz


Tru-Fi Releases The Spider Fuzz....

In my tribute to Mick "Ronno" Ronson who was an incredible influence to me on guitar, and as a rock star I worked really hard to create a great and true Tonebender Mk 1 just like he used in the Bowie Glam era. His tone was huge, he play simple yet pure attitude and rock n roll and I just couldn't get enough of it. The Spider Fuzz is a re-creation of that tone, with correct to the best of my ability and cost correct transistor choices and just a touch of the Bowie lightening bolt for magic. The Spider is a guitar pedal for power chords, and searing lead tones which is fat raspy nasty and so bad ass.

ORDER NOW ! Pick a color, the gold and hammertone gold and both close to the original all of them look guitar pedal heaven.