Tru-Fi Floyd Fuzz

Tru-Fi Floyd Fuzz Guitar Pedal

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    As Seen on THAT PEDAL SHOW in October !!! Click To Watch at about 21 mins they get into it. 

    IMMEDIATE SHIPPING ANY COLOR BUT SWIRL ! Russian option here is the SAME as Red October just with Floyd Badge ! 

    The Floyd Fuzz is named after Pink Floyd and it's classic iconic Big Muff user David Gilmour. As we moved towards building custom pedals for everyone you can order this pedal in 5 classic versions. What make's these unique is that we use the original transistor's that came in the original units. That is the key to the true Muff Tone, that and real components no surface mounted cellphone technology ! 

    • Tri-Angle
    • RAMS Head
    • Creamy Dreamer
    • Red Army (Same as Red October)
    • Russian (Same as Red October)

    Now the pedal doesn't do all 5 version you have to order which one you want ! Tri-Angle the original design from Electro Harmonix was bit a milder, the RAMs Head was classic 70s fuzz distortion. The Creamy Dreamer was a late 90s design from a private builder that was a bit more gainy. Smashing Pumpkins was a big user of this pedal. In the 80s the Big Muff had a re-birth with Electro Harmonix building the Red Army and Russian take off of this classic design.

    The colors are pretty obvious but the Swirl, Sparkle and Chrome cost $20 extra that's what they cost us. 

    That Pedal Show 21 minute mark

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    1. Classic 70s Fuzz

      Saw That Pedal Show review this product and they claimed it to be one of the best big muff clones out there any they were not wrong! From Gilmour to J Mascis this pedal can really cover a wide range of tones. on Oct 8th 2020

    2. Smooth, rich, and super fat with endless sustain!

      I'm picky about fuzzes--I'm not a fan of the clanky, tin-drum thing or the super-spitty blown speaker thing, but I love me some Gilmour and the demos of the Floyd Fuzz sounded spot-on. Well, the demos don't lie! Gorgeous smooth fuzz tone, super fat, entirely musical, and highly addictive. Get the ram's head in purple sparkle--killer fuzz-tone, plus it'll look awesome on your board. on Jun 2nd 2020

    3. The BEST RAM'S HEAD clone out there

      I'm obsessed with David Gilmour Big Muff tones. I tried almost every single Big Muff Ram's Head clone. I even bought Pete Cornish P2 and P1. None of them come close to this one. I was using Vick Audio's Ram's Head, it was okay but the moment I got this, I sold that and never looked back. This pedal sounds great by itself but I put Color Driver after this. OMG, It sounds incredible. Very well balanced. It carries every single characteristic of the original. This is a badass pedal. I am really really really happy with my purchase and no more looking for a ram's head clone. on Apr 12th 2019

    4. The real deal

      Tru-Fi Floyd Fuzz:
      I'm tempted to just write "WOW" in 72point bold font, followed by 20 exclamation marks and leave it at that.

      However, if you're thinking about one of these, trust me when I say these pedals are extremely well made, with great attention to detail, everything is tight and clean/high quality finishing and feels solid - seems highly likely that it will keep working even if it has to take some abuse (I use my gear pretty hard, it needs to withstand some beat downs). Which is all great, because this pedal also sounds outstanding! Like, OUTF#@KINGSTANDING!

      Tone is powerful, open and warm. Signal path is clear and happily not that noisy (I use SC, HB and P90s). Tone & volume shaping is very responsive and, more importantly, VERY useful. There are many shades and workable gain variations to be pulled from this box, all of which sound great. Fits into my pedal chain nicely and plays well when stacked and combined with a wide variety other effects.

      The market is saturated with pedals in this category, which is why this one jumps out in front so far. It's clearly made by and for a real players. Someone who knows intimately how this style box needs to integrate musically.
      I've played for 35+ years and have used a boatload of gear (understatement) and I can 100% recommend Tru-Fi. Shop with confidence - your ears will thank you.

      on Jan 23rd 2018

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    Tru-Fi FLOYD FUZZ - Demo by Alberto Barrero

    Video & Song Produced by Alberto Barrero (CONTACT: - About the product: - About me: Thanks for watching !!
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