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Tru-Fi Pedal Colordriver 9V version Fuzz Overdrive Guitar Pedal

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    As seen on "That Pedal Show" from the UK  TWICE !!!! - THANK YOU !  


    CLICK TO WATCH EPISODE 2 (5/3/19) at the 59 min mark

    IMMEDIATE shipping any color besides Swirl ! 

    A hand-made recreation of the famous Colorsound Power Booster and Overdriver used by the likes of Jeff Beck and David Gilmour among the few. We chose to create these as the 9V version as we now live in the power supply world and make life easy for most. We also chose to make these in the later "orange" color as they just look cooler, the brown tone was a tad boring. But you can pick other colors if you so choose ! 

    These are just killer reproductions, in a enclosure that is half the size but while unique it still hints of the original. Inside the unit you will find correct "real" BC109 transistors that just gives it the genuine sound. The beauty of these pedals is the volume pot on the side so you can really push your amp, this gives it the shine of a driven amp mixed with the thick fuzz overdrive tone you want. 

    These pedals are tone machines, always try to use an amp that has some mild grit, the addition of fuzz at that point is the secret to tone. 

    Of course, the Tru-Fi Colordriver Fuzz/Boost is true bypass, sports LED, and manual !

    Made in the USA!

    NOTE: Swirl Picture OUT STOCK TILL SEPT - Each one is UNIQUE will slightly different than picture ! 

    NOTE: Swirl Finish and Chrome/Polished Aluminum are $20 extra - Candy Apple Red and Anti-Freeze Green are no extra charge for now !  

    Specs :

    • 100% Handmade
    • True Bypass
    • Comes in Orange, like original or options
    • 4 vintage BC109 transistors  
    • Gain, Treble and Bass controls 
    • Side Volume Control just like the original
    • Internal 9V battery clip
    • Takes a Negative Tip 9V DC power Supply
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    1. Holy $%&! Amazing!

      As a cleanish boost, this thing is my favorite low-gain boost! As a fuzz, it's the most musical fuzz I've ever played! The high quality build and musicality is unparalleled. You've knocked it out of the park! on Apr 2nd 2019

    2. Believe the hype!

      Right outta da box, this pedal IS dope! From a clean boost to RIP roaring rock n' roll!
      Easy to dial in great tone. Plays well with others. Love it!
      on Mar 5th 2019

    3. Top Quality Drive

      This pedal is my all-time go to! As soon as I found out about it I put in an order for one. Within a month I ordered a second one for my bass guitar. I cannot say enough good about the Colordriver! The aesthetic is amazing, the build is top notch, the sound is so versatile, cleans up beautifully, amazingly dynamic drive. If you’re a guitarist get it! If you’re a bassist get it! It’s the best. Amazing job at Tru-Fi! You guys really know how to make something truly inspiring! on Feb 27th 2019

    4. Truly inspirational‼️

      After all Teddy's sleepless nights coffee intravenously fed,BRIT POST habitually comatosed
      It arrived, rapidly plugged in and let it rip with LP JNR amazing ,LP STANDARD truly inspirational, with faith knowing that this creation of yours will continue to inspire and never leave my pedalboard,sincere thanks for your dedication ,all the very very best to you and your team,
      on Nov 17th 2018

    5. New frontiers in this box.

      Wait was totally worth it. Communication during the wait was personal and friendly. Build quality, like a bright orange sherman tank, with firepower to match. The inside is like circuit art. Sound, mind blower. All these other frequencies come out and bloom and sing. Volume control on guitar is master of all sound. And i mean all. Clean sparkles to searing singing sustain. Boost a muff and your THERE. Im kinda new to this type of pedal, but consider me fully converted. THANK YOU TEDDY! Methinks we gots a contender here folks. on Sep 23rd 2018

    6. Killer!

      You need this pedal. Rather than chasing endlessly after the latest fad grab a pedal that sounds great as an overdrive but also blooms beautifully as a fuzz with character. The volume knob really improves and makes usable a classic design. I can't say enough how pleased I am with this purchase and I own A LOT of pedals (as most people know). A+++++ on Sep 14th 2018

    7. It became one of my favorite pedals upon hitting the strings

      This is an INCREDIBLE pedal and probably the best pedal I have used in the silicon fuzz genre.
      It has a fullness that is hard to describe, but satisfyingly musical. Works equally well on all kinds of tube-amps. Buy it, you'll be happy!
      on Sep 14th 2018

    8. Excellent Version of a Classic Circuit

      I've been wanting a vintage re-creation of the classic Colorsound Overdriver and the Tru-Fi Colordriver does not disappoint in any way. Built like an absolute tank with a style similar to the original, the Colordriver does a little bit of everything, from a semi-clean boost to full on fuzz. It seems to be suited best working in conjunction with a semi-dirty amp or a second distortion box (like a Big Muff, ala David Gilmour). With my Rams Head clone and the gain backed off, the Colordriver provided extra volume, clarify and some of the mids that can be lost with a Big Muff.

      Even though this circuit is a classic, it's kind of a "sleeper" compared to the likes of the Fuzz Face or the Big Muff (though it's hard to consider a pedal used by Jeff Beck to be a sleeper). While a lot of other classic designs have inspired countless recreations, there are a limited number of Overdriver style pedals available. The Tru-Fi Colordriver does a great job filling that void and offering a handmade, well-built version for an excellent price. I will definitely be buying more Tru-Fi pedals in the future.
      on May 15th 2018

    9. Colordriver BC109 Power Booster

      I wanted to take a moment to thank Ted and anybody else at TRU FI for there attention on this product and keeping in touch thru delivery. Definitely a sturdy and very well built unit,it offers a great freedom for tonal coloration as well as the so-named overdrive boosting from amp or pedal. This was well worth the short wait time. Thanks. on Sep 26th 2017

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    Tru-Fi COLORDRIVER Fuzz - Demo by Alberto Barrero

    Video & Song Produced by Alberto Barrero / 2018 © (CONTACT: - About the Product: "A hand-made recreation of the famous Colorsound Power Booster and Overdriver used by the likes of Jeff Beck and David Gilmour among the few..." - Info: - About Me: THANKS FOR WATCHING !!
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