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Tru-Fi Treble Boost Rangemaster Guitar Pedal

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    Take off the classic Rangemaster Treble Boost, used by Brian May of Queen, Sabbath and Deep Purple. The beauty of the Rangemaster is it takes a mild overdriven tube guitar amp and push's it into outer space for the classic Crunch Rock sound. These pedals are made like the rest of the Tru-Fi line with lots of love and time,

    NOTE !!! The switch on the panel says ON/Off like the original but is really a tri-mode frequency selector: Up is full sound, middle is treble sound, down is bass enhanced.

    They are built with REAL OC44 Mullard Black Glass Transistors

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    1. This is it!

      Classic sounds, classic vibes! If you are looking for a treble booster or drive in general you literally cannot go wrong with this. Every position on the switch is incredibly usable and the boost knob is very responsive. It might just be the best pedal I have ever bought! on Nov 4th 2020

    2. Great Treble Booster

      With my Supro amp, this is easily my favorite boost pedal out of all that I own. I am not saying this lightly. Put this in front of a darker sounding amp or adjust the amp EQ back a little more than usual and then let the treble booster do its thing. One transistor and one knob to turn is all you need. This pedal provides plenty of fuzz but doesn't lose clarity or note definition like a lot of other fuzzes do. Extremely responsive! Great pedal! on Mar 24th 2020

    3. Surprising Output for Just a 9V Pedal

      Really pleased with this purchase, first Rangemaster style pedal I've ever owned. The updated "On/Off" switch is precisely the change the circuit needed (full range, high or low focus). Was hoping for something that would stack well, and stack it does, beautifully. on Oct 22nd 2019

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